United Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order is carrying the work and legacy from the Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order started in 1930 by Jewish-Americans on secular lines. To work on secular lines means that we are inclusive to all people regardless of faith or religion. It also means we can experience the Jewish culture, traditions and holidays while we organize to build worker power.

In Memory of
Staunch supporters of the JPFO; fighters against racism, anti-Semitism and fascism — a real son and daughter of the U.S. working class.
We will always miss you.

Birobidzhan Russian Jewish state
Birobidzhan the main town in the Russian Jewish Oblast Autonomous Region founded in 1931. Yiddish and Jewish culture thrive in this area where Jewish along with other Russian people reside in peaceful coexistence. The world’s largest menorah stands in front of the train station.
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